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The writer was forced to refuse to translate poetry because of her skin color

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Before the scandal, the CEO of the publishing house Maaike le Noble said that Reineveld was a dream translator.

The writer from the Netherlands, the youngest winner of the Booker Prize, Marieke Lucas Rijneveld, was forced to refuse to work on the translation of the poems of the dark-skinned poet Amanda Gorman. The publishing house decided to take the translation from her, after that. How the public was outraged because the work on the translation of the poems will be “white”. Writes about this AP.

Amanda Gorman became famous during the inauguration of US President Joe Biden. She read the poem “The Hill We Climb” about the fate and hopes of America. Its translation in March in the Netherlands was to be published by Meulenhoff.

Before the scandal, Meulenhoff CEO Maaike le Noble said that Reineveld was a dream translator. It is also known that Gorman herself “was inspired” by the choice.

However, after public censure, Le Noble said that the publishing house will take a lesson from the situation and find a team that will translate Amanda's words “as best as possible and in her spirit.”

Reineveld wrote on Twitter that she was shocked by the situation, but understands people who are offended because of her skin color.

We will remind, the Austrian authorities detained the rapper known as Mr. Bond. His anti-Semitic and racist compositions were very popular among the extreme right.

Previously, Instagram removed the photo of the black model. The company denies the accusations of discrimination but confirms that the photos may have been removed due to the nude photo policy.

It was also reported that a lawsuit was filed against Yale for racial discrimination. For 50 years, the university has discriminated against white-skinned and Asian applicants for admission.

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