Bad weather in Texas: state's largest electricity supplier goes bankrupt

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Businesses have been charged with billions of dollars in power outages, executives say.

In Texas, the largest electricity cooperative filed for bankruptcy protection in federal court in Houston, citing a disputed $1.8 billion bill from the state's grid operator. It was reported by Reuters on Monday, March 1.

According to the agency, Brazos Electric Power Cooperative Inc is one of the dozens of electricity providers facing huge costs in the past month due to a cold snap. Executives said the aftermath of the accident threatens utilities and power supply specialists facing billions of dollars in power outage charges.

In February, unusually cold temperatures shut down nearly half of the state's power plants, left 4.3 million people without heat and light for days, and water pipes burst. At the same time, Brazos Electric and other companies that committed themselves to provide the electricity grid were required to buy electricity at high rates.

Recall that earlier the family of a child who died due to frost filed a lawsuit for $100 million. The child and his family spent the night in an unheated trailer. After that, he died of hypothermia. The lawsuit was filed against a group of energy companies due to a power outage.

In total, almost 60 people became victims of frost and snowfall in the United States. The worst snowstorm in 30 years has killed 58 people in the United States, but this figure could increase.

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