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The US to punish Saudis for killing Khashoggi — Psaki

At the same time, if the sanctions list against Riyadh is expanded, the head of state will not be included in it, said Jen Psaki.

The leadership of the United States intends to bring the Saudi Arabian authorities to justice for the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. This was stated by the press-secretary of the White House Jen Psaki on the air of CNN on Sunday, February 28.

According to her, the administration of American President Joe Biden made it clear from the first day of work that the kingdom must be punished in connection with what happened.

At the same time, Psaki noted that if the list of sanctions against Saudi Arabia is expanded, the country's leader will not be included in it.

“The (US) administration did not impose sanctions against the leaders of other states if we maintain diplomatic relations with them, and even if we do not. We believe that there are better ways to ensure that this does not happen again. Such is diplomacy,” she explained. press secretary.

Recall that on Friday the American intelligence service published a report according to which the operation to assassinate Khashoggi was personally approved by the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud.

In this regard, the US State Department imposed visa restrictions on 76 Saudis.

In turn, the Foreign Ministry of Saudi Arabia said that the government of the kingdom categorically rejects the “offensive and incorrect conclusions about the country's leadership” contained in the report.

As you know, Saudi journalist Jamil Khashoggi disappeared on October 2, 2018, during a visit to the Saudi Arabian Consulate General in Istanbul. Kingdom officials initially insisted that he left the consulate alive. However, on October 19, Riyadh still admitted that the journalist had been killed inside the building.

In December 2019, Saudi Arabia sentenced five people to death on charges of involvement in the murder of Khashoggi.

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