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At the Golden Globes, a scandal broke out: there are no black people on the jury

At the Golden Globes, a scandal broke out over the lack of blacks on the jury. This is reported by the Los Angeles Times.

In social networks, angry messages have already been published due to the lack of black people in the jury, using the hashtag #TimesUpGlobes. The award was criticized because of the “ethical shortcomings”.

The fact that there are representatives of different races in the jury group, except for blacks, was confirmed by the HFPA (Hollywood Foreign Press Association). Representatives of the association stated that they “ intend to solve” this problem.

Every year, the winner of the Golden Globe Award is chosen by voting. This is done by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. This year, the ceremony will be held online.

Before that, a trailer for the movie “Bird in a Cage” appeared on the Network, which will tell about a new strain of coronavirus.

Earlier, Amazon named the books that users read most often in 2020.

Forbes also published the TOP 10 highest-paid actresses in the world.

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