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Biden commented on the approval of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine in the US

US President Joe Biden said that after the Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine was approved in the country, “a light is visible at the end of the tunnel”.

At the same time, the head of the White House indicated that it was too early to relax.

“We cannot lose our guard or assume that victory is inevitable,” Biden said.

He urged citizens to “stay alert, act quickly and aggressively and take care of each other,” as well as keep their distance and continue to wear protective masks.

The head of state also expressed the opinion that the decision of the American medical regulator FDA is a step towards ending the crisis.

The vaccine is produced by Janssen Pharmaceutica (owned by Johnson & Johnson). This vaccine is a vector vaccine, like the Russian “Sputnik V”, as well as the Anglo-Swedish AstraZeneca. The drug uses the common cold virus and targets the adhesion protein on the surface of the virus. Unlike other vaccines approved in the United States of America, this one requires only one injection, not two.

Earlier, the US medical regulator, the FDA, approved a COVID-19 vaccine manufactured by Johnson & Johnson for emergency use. The country already uses Pfizer / BioNTech and Moderna vaccines.

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