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Pope Francis told where he wants to be buried

The pontiff dispelled rumors that he intended to return to his native Argentina before his death.

Pope Francis intends to die in Rome either in his office or as an honorary pope. He told about this in an interview with journalist and doctor Nelson Castro, part of which was published by the newspaper La Nacion.

In his conversation, the Pope noted that sometimes he thinks about death, but he is “absolutely not afraid” of it.

Nelson Castro interviewed Francis for his book on the health of recent popes. In an interview, the current head of the Catholics talks about an operation to remove a cyst from the upper lobe of his right lung in October 1957 (he was then 21 years old). He claims to have fully recovered since then and has never experienced any limitations.

Previously, he had to dispel rumors that after this operation he had only one lung.

In his interview, the Pope noted that he had never “been psychoanalyzed”, but he visited a psychologist once a week for six months when he helped the Argentines escape the military dictatorship.

He also admitted that he sometimes suffers from “neurotic anxiety”, but has learned to cope with it with the help of herbal tea and classical music.

Recall that the Vatican warned employees that they risk losing their jobs if they refuse vaccination without good health reasons.

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