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Scandal: “COVID-filters” at the entrance to Israel block only secular people

Israel is in no hurry to consider appeals against the closure of the border, the hearing is scheduled for Thursday, March 4.

Meanwhile, a scandal is spreading in the media — more than two-thirds of passengers on evacuation flights to Israel are Haredim. While” ordinary “ Israelis are often denied the right to leave and return home, even in the most urgent cases, the ultra-Orthodox continue to travel freely between Brooklyn and Tel Aviv, easily obtaining permits from the Miri Regev Commission.

Haaretz correspondent Uri Misgav goes to Ben Gurion Airport every morning to meet incoming foreign flights and tweets the results of his observations. He notes that on flights departing abroad, “Haredim” is about 50%, but on arriving at Ben-Gurion airport — “from 66% to 80%”.

Despite the ”hermetic“ closure of the borders, workers continue to be delivered to Israel from Thailand, Misgav met a flight from Bangkok at the airport. Obviously, their employers also have “secret passages” to the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the Ministry of Health.

The topic started by Uri Misgav was continued by Hadashot 12 correspondent Ilan Lukac. On Friday evening, he told the nation that Israel's borders were closed to everyone, but in reality “wide open to one sector.”

The journalist cited the stories of ultra-orthodox passengers who arrived from New York about how quickly and easily they received permission from the Regev Commission without any special “humanitarian reasons”, how easy it is to buy a fake certificate of a negative test result for coronavirus for $15 in New York. And then there is the heartbreaking story of an Israeli man who did not get permission to say goodbye to his mother, who was dying of cancer. The man had to submit requests in two countries; the Canadians “sent permits in half an hour,” and the Regev commission refused for two weeks and allowed the flight only after the mother died.

Both journalists suspect that the preferences for ultra-Orthodox people on evacuation flights are explained not only by the “coalition privileges” of this sector but also by the desire to bring more “mandates for right-wing parties” to the country on the eve of elections.

The Miri Regev Commission responded to the publication with a bureaucratic reply — “ We work 24 hours a day, everything is according to the law and according to the rules, no one influences us.”

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