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Military coup: QAnon radicals figured out how to return Trump to the presidency

A supporter of the movement claims that it will be similar to what is happening in Myanmar

Supporters of the far-right QAnon movement believe that former US President Donald Trump will be reinstated after a military coup.

This is reported by the “Daily Mail”.

“At some point, there will be arrests, including false media, and then there will be military tribunals,” one woman said during a rally in the city of Ventura.

The QAnon participant also called the current head of state Joe Biden a “puppet president”.

“It will be similar to what is happening in Myanmar. The military is conducting its own investigation. At the appropriate time, they will restore the republic with Trump as president, “ she said.

QAnon is a widespread conspiracy theory in the United States, according to which Donald Trump is waging a “secret war” with the democratic elite and Hollywood stars who allegedly engage in the sexual exploitation of children and worship the devil.

As previously reported, former US President Donald Trump and his lawyer Rudy Giuliani were accused of conspiring with far-right organizations to incite riots and storm the Capitol on January 6.

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