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Johnson responded to a trainee barber's suggestion for a haircut

A 19-year-old trainee barber from Thetford in the English county of Norfolk suggested that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson cut his hair and unexpectedly received a response from the head of government. This is reported by The Independent.

The publication clarifies that the student Jack Jenkins, who is studying hairdressing in college, decided to take this step, because during the lockdown he is forced to practice cutting hair on mannequins, and Johnson, according to the young man, is known for his often disheveled hair.

“The Prime Minister very much appreciates your words of support and your kind offer to cut his hair... I think that as soon as the restrictions are lifted, you will not have a shortage of models on which you can practice, " the barber was told from the residence of the head of the Cabinet of Ministers.

The newspaper notes that the young man was shocked by the fact of the answer.

On February 21, barber Andreas Nuisl from the German city of Bayreuth, which is part of Bavaria, published a paid service on the eBay platform, suggesting the first entry for a haircut after quarantine. Nuisl's offer was valued at €288. However, starting on February 12 and ending on February 20, inclusive, the price rose to €422. The owner of the first entry to the German barber was a 43-year-old man.

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