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Two French bulldogs were stolen from Lady Gaga

The singer offered the kidnappers a ransom of half a million dollars. The FBI thinks the kidnapping was committed for political reasons.

In Los Angeles, criminals attacked Lady Gaga's assistant named Ryan Fisher, who was walking her dogs. The attackers shot the man four times in the chest, then stole the singer's two French bulldogs, Leather and Gustave. A third dog named Miss Asia managed to escape from the kidnappers, later found by Gaga's security guard.

The injured assistant was urgently taken to the hospital. It is reported that Ryan is in serious condition, and doctors predict that he will fully recover from his injuries. The singer, who is currently on set in Rome, is very upset about what happened. She promised to pay half a million dollars to the kidnappers if they returned the dogs to her, saying that she would not ask questions.

The FBI has already launched an investigation. It is reported that law enforcement officials are dissatisfied with the fact that Gaga so quickly offered the criminals a ransom, and ask for time to find the attackers. They do not rule out the possibility that the kidnapping of the dogs was committed for political reasons, since Gaga spoke at the inauguration of the new US President Joe Biden. We will keep an eye on developments.

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