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Scandal in India: the drug was tested on people under the guise of vaccination

Locals thought they were being offered the vaccine and get $10, however, this was a test of a new vaccine.

A scandal over a coronavirus vaccination has erupted in the Indian city of Bhopal. There, a new drug was tested on local residents, while people thought they were being vaccinated against the coronavirus, reports CNN on Friday, February 26.

It is noted that a few days ago a van arrived in the city center, in which everyone was offered to be vaccinated against COVID-19 and receive 750 rupees for this (about $10). However, later it turned out that local residents became participants in a study of a domestic drug.

People said that the offer to get vaccinated and get paid for it was “too tempting”, so many could not resist.

A few days later, according to information from activists, local residents learned that in fact, they did not participate in vaccination at all, but in testing one of the domestically produced vaccines. At the same time, only half of the subjects received the drug, others were injected with ordinary saline solution.

Some unwitting participants in the experiment nevertheless admitted that, perhaps, they were immediately explained everything correctly — they simply could not understand it. As one of those who received the injection said: “I went there because of greed, after all, 750 rupees — we are used to dying anyway ... and my life does not matter.”

By the way, many people in this region were unable to work during the lockdown, and the $10 offered is double what they received for a day of hard work.

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