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In France, a scandal over the exclusion of meat from the school menu in Lyon

The introduction of a new meatless menu for schoolchildren in Lyon hinders the health and growth of children, French Agriculture Minister Julien Denormandy said on Twitter on February 21.

“Let's stop putting ideology on our children's plates,” the head of the French Ministry of Agriculture urged. According to him, children should be fed something that promotes their growth, including meat.

In addition, the minister noted that the moralistic and elitist policy of the Greens excludes ordinary people and is an unacceptable insult to French farmers and butchers.

In turn, a member of the Lyon City Council for education, Stephanie Leger, explained that the exclusion of meat from the children's diet is a temporary measure, and fish and eggs remain on the menu.

It should be noted that the mayor of Lyon, Gregory Doucet, reacted immediately and assured that the changes in the menu were taken for hygiene reasons.

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