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Trump's lawyers started the second day of arguments against impeachment

According to experts, this day will be more difficult to defend than the first one.

A team of U.S. President Donald Trump's lawyers has begun the second day of providing arguments in support of the President at the impeachment trial, reported Monday edition of The Hill.

According to experts, this day will be more difficult to defend than the first one, because of an article in The New York Times on the unpublished book of former national security advisor Trump John Bolton. In it, Bolton, according to the newspaper, says that Trump declared his unwillingness to allocate assistance to Ukraine until Kyiv agreed to participate in the investigation related to former US Vice President Joe Biden.

“I think that Bolton's book and information about Trump and Ukraine today will significantly complicate the defense,” Carl Tobias, a law professor at Richmond University, said.

Trump's attorneys began to represent the defense's position in the Senate impeachment trial on Saturday. Sources at The Hill believe they won't formulate all the arguments on Monday and won't finish until Tuesday.

Earlier, The New York Times reported that an unpublished book of Bolton's memoirs confirmed that the US president himself had linked the suspension of military assistance to the investigation against Joe Biden.

The New York Times said that Bolton showed his manuscript to his close associates and also sent a copy of it to the White House for a preview.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, the US Senate continued the trial over the impeachment of President Donald Trump on 25 January. Trump's lawyers have now taken the floor in the case.

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