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Tiger Woods hospitalized after a road accident

Rescuers had to pull out the athlete using special equipment. Woods was alone in the car.

Golfer Tiger Woods was injured in an accident in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, USA, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office said. BNONews reports on this on Tuesday, February 23.

The car of the 15-time winner of the major tournaments has turned over, according to the American media. The athlete's representative said that he received multiple leg injuries and is undergoing surgery.

“The car was seriously damaged. Mr. Woods was pulled out of the vehicle using hydraulic rescue equipment by Los Angeles County firefighters and paramedics, and then injured and taken to a local hospital in an ambulance, ”the Los Angeles County Sheriff said in a statement.

It is clarified that Woods was alone in the salon. There is currently no data on the state of the 45-year-old golfer. Woods' car was seriously damaged in the accident. The cause of the accident is currently unknown.

It is noted that the car suffered serious damage.

In May 2017, Woods was found by police asleep at the wheel of a car near his home in Jupiter, Florida, and arrested on suspicion of driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Later, from a police report, it became known that traces of four drugs were found in the athlete's body, including a strong pain reliever, an allergy medication, and a sedative that causes drowsiness.

Tiger Woods spent a record 683 weeks at the top of the world golf rankings. He has been named Golfer of the Year by the Professional Golfers' Association 11 times. He underwent several operations on the spine.

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