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Time to introduce privileges for the vaccinated?

In Europe, there is still a debate about whether those vaccinated against covid should be given the right and opportunity to return to normal life before others. Similar plans are already underway in Denmark and Sweden. The European press weighs all the arguments for and against.

Workers ' rights under threat

The example of Israel shows what legal difficulties may arise in connection with the introduction of such privileges, - notes the publication Polityka:

"In Israel, the authorities face a huge challenge in terms of respecting the rights of workers. Deputy Attorney General Raz Nizri acknowledged that under certain circumstances, employers may require their employees to obtain a certificate of vaccination. There are also problems with teachers: one in four teachers refuses to be vaccinated, which in turn can become a threat to other school staff and students who cannot be vaccinated for health reasons. There is now a broad debate in Israel about whether school staff should be required to be vaccinated. The authorities of some municipalities want to ban unvaccinated teachers from entering the school altogether.В»

Only as an exception!

Certain privileges are quite acceptable - but only if a number of strict criteria are met, " law professor Andrea Buehler and innovation ethicist Jean-Daniel Strub write in an article in the Neue Zurcher Zeitung:

"Unequal treatment of people depending on their vaccination status can be considered justified only if the vaccination will not only protect the vaccinated person but also effectively prevent the transmission of the virus to others. In addition, such measures can only be taken when everyone is vaccinated. ... In some cases, it is acceptable that access to activity is dependent on the availability of vaccination for a limited period of time. The prerequisite for this is the impossibility of other decisive measures aimed at protecting all members of the labor collective. ... Unequal access to services should remain a narrow exception".

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