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The US has deployed strategic bombers to Norway for the first time

This mission demonstrates the ability of the US Air Force to support allies and partners regardless of any external challenges, the US military noted.

American strategic bombers B-1B Lancer first arrived in Norway for a training exercise. This was announced the day before by the command of the US Air Force in Europe and Africa.

It is indicated that aircraft from Squadron 7 from Dyce Air Force Base in Texas was transferred to Erland Air Base.

“The currently scheduled bombing missions demonstrate the Air Force's ability to maintain readiness and support our allies and partners regardless of any external challenge. These missions also provide the training needed to respond to any potential crisis or challenge around the world,” the statement said, specifies exactly how many planes arrived in Norway.

According to General Jeffrey Harrigian, commander of the US Air Force's European contingent, joint exercises with allies such as Norway are helping to hone deterrent and defensive skills and enhance regional stability.

Recall that the US military deployed strategic bombers to the Middle East. B-52H Stratofortress crews assigned to the 5th Bomber Wing departed from Minot Base in North Dakota.

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