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In the US, the whole house was moved to a new location

An old two-story mansion was moved to another street with the help of a truck. The unique operation was watched by crowds of citizens.

In San Francisco, the owner of an old Victorian house moved the structure to a new location right through the streets of the city. This was reported by the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper.

The two-story house, built 139 years ago, with a total area of about 500 square meters, was placed on a huge trailer and carefully moved with the help of a truck.

To arrange the delivery, the owner solved a number of important logistical issues, including approving the route with the fire department.

For safe transportation, trees were cut down on the streets, road signs were rearranged and parking spots were changed.

The total cost of transportation for six blocks from the old location cost the owner 400 thousand dollars.

Construction of a new apartment building will begin on the vacated land plot.

Earlier it was reported that the court ordered the British millionaire Patrick Dieter to demolish the house, on the construction of which he spent $64 million.

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