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In the US, the family of a child who died due to frost filed a lawsuit for $100 million

The family of the boy, who, according to preliminary data, died due to hypothermia in the US state of Texas, filed a lawsuit for $100 million against the group of Texas energy companies ERCOT (Electric Reliability Council of Texas) and Entergy Corporation. This is reported by ABC News with reference to the family's lawyer Tony Buzby.

According to the report, an 11-year-old boy died on February 16 after spending the night in a trailer that was left without heat and light due to massive power outages. He was lying in bed with his three-year-old brother under a pile of blankets, trying to keep warm. The family of the deceased believes that the child died of hypothermia.

The child's mother filed a lawsuit in Jefferson County court. The document claims that energy companies “put profits before people's well-being.”

“Despite the terrible weather forecast and the knowledge that the system is not prepared, ERCOT and Entergy Corporation did not take any proactive actions that could have prevented the crisis,” the lawsuit says.

As of February 21, more than 30 people died in Texas last week due to abnormally low temperatures. Among them, many died of carbon monoxide poisoning after using cars or generators to keep warm during a massive power outage, ABC News reports.

Buzbee said he now represents seven families who lost loved ones in the severe weather, and that more lawsuits will be filed against the energy companies.

“Christian's lawsuit (the deceased 11-year-old child) — the first, and his claim should be the first. This guy is going to change Texas. May God bless him for this, “ the lawyer concluded.

On the eve of President of the United States, Joe Biden announced on natural disaster in Texas due to abnormal snowfalls and frosts. He instructed allocating funds from the federal budget to help residents of the state.

According to the newspaper The Washington Post, due to the elements in Texas, at least 47 people were killed.

The Bloomberg publication wrote that record-breaking frosts led to the shutdown of wind farms and solar panels in the United States, which caused a noticeable increase in electricity and gas prices.

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