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Israel is forced to buy Sputnik V from Russia due to blackmail

The Israeli authorities have agreed to secretly purchase the Russian drug Sputnik V, which the developers call the coronavirus vaccine. This was demanded by the Syrians holding the Israeli citizen.[i][/i]

Source: The New York Times, citing an official familiar with the details of negotiations for the release of the Israeli woman

Details: This week, a young Israeli woman was released from custody in Syria after being arrested for illegally crossing into Syria. It was officially reported that Syria released her as part of a prisoner exchange. The Israeli Government announced that in return for her freedom, two Syrian shepherds captured by the Israelis were released.

At the same time, The New York Times learned that during the conclusion of the deal between the two warring states, which have never had diplomatic relations, another point was agreed upon: Israel agreed to buy an unnamed number of doses of the Russian drug Sputnik V for Syria.

Under the deal, Israel will pay Russia to send Sputnik V to the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Thus, Israel agreed to finance the supply of Russian vaccines against Covid-19 to Damascus, in order to secure the release of a woman who was held in Syria.

Important: A successful vaccination campaign against Covid-19 continues in Israel. The authorities use the Pfizer vaccine to vaccinate citizens, which has passed the necessary stages of clinical trials and has already proven its effectiveness in the fight against the virus.

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