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Biden declares Texas a natural disaster zone

The money from the federal budget will be used to provide temporary housing or repair housing, as well as for cheap loans.

US President Joe Biden declared the state of Texas a natural disaster zone due to abnormal weather-frost and snowstorms. This was reported on the White House website on Saturday, February 20.

Texas will receive funds from the federal budget. The president's decision allows us to allocate money to help residents of 77 districts.

The funds will be used to resolve the issue of providing temporary housing or housing repairs, as well as to provide cheap loans to those who do not have insurance. The money will also be spent on other programs to help citizens and business owners. If necessary, additional funds will be allocated.

Recall that this week in a number of regions of the United States established abnormally cold and snowy weather. The bad weather led to massive power outages, the suspension of the work of refineries and other enterprises. Almost 50 people were victims of bad weather.

In Texas, the coldest weather in 30 years was recorded — the temperature dropped to -18.

The cold snap in Texas has led to unexpected utility consequences.

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