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The scandal, due to the extraordinary vaccination of Argentine officials from coronavirus infection

Argentina's Health Minister Guinness Gonzalez Garcia has announced his resignation. This decision was facilitated by the scandal over the extraordinary vaccination of Argentine officials against coronavirus infection. The head of the Ministry of Health announced his decision on Twitter.

“With this statement, in response to your request, I am resigning my position as Minister of Health,” Garcia said in a message addressed to the President of Argentina.

An Argentine journalist told about the emergency vaccination on the radio station Destape. According to him, thanks to “his long-time friend Gines", he was able to get vaccinated against COVID-19 out of turn. Also, according to the publication Clarin, it became known that a number of other Argentine officials were able to get the coronavirus vaccine out of turn.

Garcia's first deputy, Carlos Vissotto, was appointed as the new head of the Ministry of Health.

In Argentina, vaccination began in December 2020.

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