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Texas covered by food crisis due to severe frosts

The US state of Texas has been hit by a food crisis amid the worst frost in decades, which hit the region in February 2021, and the subsequent power outages. This is reported by Bloomberg.

Due to the closure of retail outlets, many stores are forced to throw out perishable products with expired expiration dates and are experiencing difficulties with the supply of new food. Locals share tips on where to buy milk or bottled water. A similar situation has developed in the field of public catering, where establishments closed due to frost are also forced to get rid of the food. Against the background of cold weather, food problems arise not only in “traditional” cafes and restaurants but also in online platforms for ordering and delivering food, such as UberEats.

As the agency notes, in many areas, store shelves remain empty due to problems with the delivery of goods. In supermarkets in Houston, where the shelves were filled on the morning of Friday, February 19, queues were formed from 04:00 am local time. As a result, by lunchtime, there was no bread, milk, cheese, poultry meat, hot food, and bottled water left in the outlets.

Texas, which is the largest US state, in February 2021, faced the strongest frost in more than 30 years. Oil and gas production declined in the region, as well as an energy and transport collapse. Millions of Texans were left without electricity or heating.

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