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Indonesia intends to punish citizens for refusing COVID vaccination

The capital Jakarta accounts for about a quarter of all infected in the country — over 300 thousand people.

Authorities in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta have decided to impose penalties on those who refuse vaccination against coronavirus. This was announced on Thursday, February 18, by Reuters.

It is noted that in this case, residents of the capital will be offered two options for punishment — blocking social assistance or a fine of about $357.

According to the Jakarta administration, such measures are necessary, since the city accounts for about a quarter of all infected in the country.

The COVID vaccination campaign began in Indonesia in January, the agency said. The authorities plan to vaccinate 181.5 million citizens of the 270 million population within 15 months.

In general, 1.25 million cases of coronavirus were recorded in the country, of which 1.06 million ended in recovery and 33,969 — the death of those infected.

The Vatican reportedly warned employees that refusing to be vaccinated against the coronavirus could lead to dismissal or demotion.

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