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Snowstorm in the US: people burn fences and die of gas poisoning

More than 71% of the entire American territory is covered with snow

In the south of the United States, the strongest winter storm continues — several dozen dead, homes without electricity, and millions of people are trying to survive without water and heat.

The weather is only getting worse

Frosts, snow, and cold winds have covered the regions that are traditionally considered the hottest in the United States. According to meteorologists, now the storm in Texas has begun to calm down. But warnings of extreme weather conditions continue to apply to regions where more than 100 million people live.

It is expected that the record cold weather in the southern regions will continue for several more days. Now more than 71% of the entire American territory is covered with snow.

People were left without electricity

Texas residents do not install thermal insulation in case of cold weather. Therefore, as a result of the power outage, the temperature in the houses fell to minus values.

Due to the lack of firewood for heating, people begin to burn all the wooden objects that they have: toys, jewelry, paintings, and even fences.

“Many people do not realize the seriousness of what is happening. People tear down their fences to burn them... We have begun to burn a small wooden cube on my daughter because it was too cold,” said a resident of the city of Killeen Angel Garcia.

The snowfall also disrupted transport links, and hence the supply of COVID-19 vaccines. Therefore, the immunization centers had to be closed.

Dozens of dead

According to CNN, at least 38 people were killed due to frost and the consequences caused by the natural disaster. Some were victims of car accidents, as well as poisoning from the exhaust of cars that are often used for heating.

And in the Houston area, a family of four died in a fire — they lit a fireplace to keep warm.

“This is a disaster from a health care perspective. During the cold snap (carbon dioxide poisoning), of course, occur, but we have never seen such a large number, “ said one of the doctors in Houston.

Recall that in Germany, the weather raged for several days. First, the winter storm came to the north and west of the country, after which it hit the eastern and southern regions.

In addition, snowfalls and blizzards covered the north of Europe — in the Netherlands, the strongest blizzard in decades, in Germany — there is no transport, and the British remembered the “Beast from the East”.

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