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At Biden’s headquarters, they said Trump had a “tantrum”

The American leader clutches at conspiracy theories, trying to launch an investigation against the former vice president of the United States, says spokeswoman Joseph Biden.

At the headquarters of former US Vice President Joseph Biden, participating in the 2020 presidential race, criticized attempts by incumbent President Donald Trump to launch an investigation into the politician.

Trump is “desperately clutching at conspiracy theories that independent and credible media have already debunked,” Biden headquarters spokeswoman Kate Bedingfield said on Thursday, October 3.

According to her, the current president’s administration is “in free fall”, and Trump himself is “fighting in hysteria” on national television.

A few hours earlier, the head of state, in an interview with reporters, said that he would like to see an investigation into Biden, conducted by Ukrainian and Chinese authorities.

A loud political scandal in the United States broke out in connection with a telephone conversation between the US President and his Ukrainian counterpart Vladimir Zelensky on July 25. During the conversation, Trump, according to US media, tried to force Kyiv to launch an investigation against his potential rival in the presidential election in November 2020 — Joseph Biden, as well as his son Hunter.

Donald Trump rejected the allegations of pressure, calling the call “friendly,” and gave permission to publish transcripts of the conversation. In turn, Zelensky on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly session also said that no one tried to put pressure on him.

Speaker of the House of Representatives of the US Congress Nancy Pelosi on September 24 announced the preparation of the impeachment procedure for the head of the White House.

The reason for this step was precisely the scandal surrounding Trump's conversation with Zelensky. The lower house of Congress, controlled by Democrats, accused the US president of violating constitutional duties and abuse of power.

Trump himself called what is happening the greatest scam in the history of American politics.

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