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WHO: deaths from COVID-19 decreased in the world for a week by 10%

The number of people infected with COVID-19 decreased from February 8 to 15 in the world by 16%, and deaths after coronavirus — by 10% compared to the previous week. This is reported by the weekly epidemiological bulletin of the World Health Organization (WHO).

They noted that the number of reports of new infections “continues to decline.”

Over the past week, 2,726,974 cases of coronavirus infection were detected (16% less than a week earlier) and 81,340 deaths (10% less).

It is noted that the decline in incidence over the past week was registered in Africa (by 20%), the Western Pacific region (by 20%), Europe (by 18%), as well as in the Americas (by 16%). In these regions, mortality has also decreased — by 21%, 13%, 19%, and 2%, respectively.

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