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Will the EU's New Green Deal work?

The European Commission presented to the public an initiative called the "New European Bauhaus". The aim of the project is to promote such principles and values as quality design, environmental sustainability, barrier-free operation, and investment. All this is aimed at implementing the New Green Course announced by the European Commission. The European Union plans to adopt a new climate law in the spring, but consensus on many related issues has not yet been reached. The press writes about what factors should be taken into account by the community in the course of implementing its ambitious plans.

To begin with, eliminate global inequality!

Hurriyet Daily News writes that economically weaker countries should be provided with financial compensation:

"In countries like Turkey, the New Green Deal is perceived as if you went shopping in a supermarket, and in the meantime, the bailiffs take out your refrigerator. If the West really wants to eliminate global inequality (especially in terms of economic recovery after Covid-19), then it should also consider such phenomena as high debt and high-risk premiums in the countries of the rest of the world as a global problem. A truly global financial plan is needed to stop global warming. Conservationists should think less about electric cars and more about the financial balance sheets in middle-and low-income countries.В»

Results can only be achieved together

The new Green Deal should cover all EU countries, warns Rzeczpospolita:

"The idea of Ursula von der Leyen should not be limited to a group of selected countries - or a certain 'elite'. Walter Gropius, the ideologues of the Bauhaus, said that his school should serve people - and be universal. And why this dream is not feasible if someone is deliberately excluded from it. The new Bauhaus should be built jointly by all EU countries. Including Poland, a European country with a viable industry and crafts.В»

The course leading to a collision with the United States

The EU's plans will not help strengthen relations with the US, warns The Spectator:

"President Joe Biden's program idea is to promote green energy, focused on the production of renewable and clean electricity. ... The EU has almost the same agenda: most of the fund for economic recovery from the consequences of the corona crisis in the amount of 750 billion euros is planned to be directed to this area. However, there cannot be two global leaders in the field of green energy! Competition for leadership in this area is likely to further alienate the parties from each other.В»

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