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SpaceX has delivered several dozen satellites to orbit for the “space” Internet

Elon Musk's SpaceX has delivered 60 more satellites to orbit for the “space” Internet under the Starlink project. Now the Starlink space orbital group has 1083 vehicles.

This was reported on the company's website.

It is noted that on February 16, the Falcon 9 Heavy launch vehicle launched from the Cape Canaveral space center in Florida. This is the 19th launch of a group of Internet satellites into orbit, starting in May 2019, under the Starlink project.

“Starlink is currently providing an initial beta of services both domestically and abroad, and will continue to expand to near-global coverage of the densely populated world in 2021,” the company said on Twitter.

Note that the Starlink network is designed to provide Internet access by deploying numerous small satellites in low-Earth orbit.

Earlier, we reported that the new SpaceX spacecraft exploded on landing.

Also, recall, the American billionaire paid for SpaceX to fly into orbit for four tourists.

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