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“Black Day” for the U.S. Senate: How did you vote to impeach Trump

The senators were not allowed to bring coffee and electronic gadgets to the hearing.

Photo: REUTERS/Mary F. Calvert

The US Senate impeachment hearing for President Donald Trump lasted almost 12 hours. Despite the long session, the senators almost failed to reach a compromise.

According to the “Voice of America”, the hearing began with a speech by Adam Schiff, who asked the senators to be impartial and reminded that the future of American democracy depends on them.

It was really hard for the senators during the session. After all, they were not allowed to bring electronic devices with them — they just sat and listened. For almost 12 hours, politicians did not communicate with each other. At the same time, the senators were not allowed to drink coffee in that room, but only water and milk.

Despite the time spent, what the Senate had come to, it was hard to call a compromise. Only more gentle voting conditions were voted on. Both sides will have 24 hours, which can be used for three days instead of two, as was the case before.

The evidence and those collected during the House of Representatives investigation will be brought before the Senate. But the Democrats' desire to invite additional witnesses and to add additional documents has been rejected. The Senate did not support Chuck Schumer's amendment, as most senators are Republicans.

“The conclusion is. The first thing the Americans saw when they started watching the trial in the case of President Trump's impeachment was how the Republican senators voted against a fair trial and with proper evidence. It's obvious that most Americans support a fair trial — witnesses, documents. It was a black day and a black night for the senate. As a result, the impeachment trial of the president will be marred by injustice,” said Chuck Schumer.

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