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The shelling of the US base in Iraq: there are dead and wounded

As a result of a rocket attack on a military base of the US-led anti-terrorist coalition in the city of Erbil in Iraq on Monday, February 15, a civilian working under a contract was killed and five people were injured, including an American soldier.

This is reported by Reuters with reference to the US coalition in Iraq.

It is noted that US troops occupy a military base adjacent to a civilian airport and this attack was the deadliest by the anti-terrorist coalition for almost a year in Iraq.

Meanwhile, a group called “Grey Auliya Aldam" has already claimed responsibility for the attack on a US-led coalition military base, saying it is fighting against the “American occupation” in Iraq.

Recall that in the evening of February 15 in Iraq, a missile attack was carried out on the airport of the city of Erbil, in the area of which the troops of the anti-terrorist coalition under the leadership of the United States are stationed, which led to a fire at an American military base.

Initially, two civilians were reported injured in a residential area of Erbil.

We also reported that in early January, an explosion occurred in northern Iraq on the route of a convoy with logistics equipment belonging to the Western anti-terrorist coalition, which is led by the United States.

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