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Spain continues to push for vaccination passports to restore tourism

Spanish officials want to introduce an internationally recognized document on immunization from COVID-19 or bring back “safe corridors” for travel to allow the resumption of the tourism industry.

This is reported by The Local.

Spain's Minister of Industry, Trade, and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, reiterated her Government's commitment to securing the approval of an internationally recognized passport or immunization certificate.

“Spain will support any tool that promotes the restoration of safe travel and mobility, "Maroto said, adding that she hopes Spain will be seen as” a country open to the world “and with safe” tourism protocols.”

The minister did not name possible dates for the restoration of Spanish tourism and avoided answering the question of whether she believes that certain measures will be taken to allow trips to Spain by Easter.

She stressed that the main task of the government remains to keep the pandemic under control, and the vaccination campaign in Spain is working at full speed.

But Spanish officials are well aware that the consequences of another summer without tourism will be disastrous for the economy.

The Ministry of Economy has prepared a report that not only considers the possibility of a pan-European document on vaccination, but also the return of safe travel corridors that existed before.

Earlier it became known that the European Union is developing the introduction of a” vaccination certificate “for those who have received a coronavirus vaccination, but this will not be a” vaccination passport”.

The European Union has also approved an accelerated approval process for vaccines adapted to new coronavirus strains.

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