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US regulators are investigating the causes of abnormal asset growth

Regulators in the United States decided to conduct an investigation, during which to find out the reasons for the sharp rise in prices for some assets.

The DOJ and other regulators suspect illegal methods were used in the stock market.

The Department of Justice, in conjunction with the San Francisco Attorney's Office, requested information regarding the activities of some brokerage companies, as well as social media. She could lead to confusion in the market. In addition, regulators have requested detailed information from Robinhood Markets. It was through this broker that GameStop securities were traded.

Earlier it was reported that in January there was a sharp rise in prices for a number of shares. It all started with the GameStop papers. As it turned out, a group of private investors, who are individuals, began to actively buy shares of some companies in order to force traders trading down to close their trading positions. This only accelerated the rise in asset prices.

Bloomberg news agency learned that the SEC, as part of its investigation, began to study messages on social networks. There is a suspicion that some users deliberately posted information that does not correspond to reality.

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