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U.S. Senate acquits Trump at the impeachment trial

The Senate of the US Congress during a meeting on Saturday acquitted former President Donald Trump as part of the impeachment process.

57 senators voted for impeachment, while 43 voted against it. 67 votes out of 100 were required for the indictment. Thus, the initiative does not gain the required number of votes.

Earlier, many Americans said that Trump should stop participating in the country's political life. 54 percent of the respondents wanted the 45th president of the country to leave politics once and for all.

A second impeachment trial against Trump began in the Senate on February 9. On January 14, the House of Representatives voted to impeach the former owner of the White House in connection with the riots in Washington. It was the first time in the United States that any attempt to remove a state leader from office after the end of the presidential term was made.

The Democrats made their first attempt to remove Trump from office in 2019. The lower house then also approved the charges, but the Senate acquitted the president in early 2020.

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