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The most expensive fruit in the world

Pineapples require specific conditions for growth: they usually grow only in tropical regions. However, the world's most expensive variety of pineapple is grown, oddly enough, in southwest England, in Cornwall County. And the growing process is quite specific.

Gardeners have been able to recreate tropical conditions with temperature-controlled greenhouses, horse manure and urine, and straw packs. Pineapples are planted in a layer of horse manure 10 inches thick and have been growing in it for two years. Pineapples were grown in this way in 19th century Europe. They were so expensive that aristocratic families rented the fruit for dinner parties.

Horse manure is quite expensive, and it takes a lot to grow Cornish pineapples, which affects the price, making it the most expensive fruit in the world. The approximate price is? 10,000 apiece. James Stevens, a representative of Lost Gardens of Heligan, which grows such pineapples, described their taste as “deliciously sweet with an explosive flavor”.

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