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Biden instructs National Intelligence to make a report on Russia

The review will be based on an analysis of the” spectrum of malicious actions “ on the part of Moscow, the State Department said.

US President Joseph Biden has asked US Director of National Intelligence Avril Haynes and intelligence community analysts to prepare a broad review of the appropriate political response to what Washington perceives as” malicious actions “ on the part of Russia.

This was confirmed during a briefing on Friday, February 12, by the head of the press service of the US State Department, Ned Price.

According to him, the report will be based on an analysis of “the spectrum of malicious actions that the Russian (side) has taken or is reported to have taken in recent years — from interference in the elections and (hacker) hacking of Solar Winds to reports of awards for the heads of American soldiers in Afghanistan and the use of chemical weapons in the case of Navalny.”

Washington is “closely monitoring the violations of human rights” in Russia

The representative of the foreign service of the United States also stressed that Washington was “closely monitoring the violations of human rights” in Russia. According to Price, both he and other representatives of the US administration “spoke out strongly about the terrible human rights situation in Russia “under the “ Putin regime”.

“You have heard how we did this recently in the context of the repression against those courageous Russians who took to the streets to protest against the politically motivated detention of Alexei Navalny,” the head of the press service said, answering a question from one of the journalists.

The representative of the State Department touched upon the case of the brothers forcibly taken to Chechnya

During the briefing, Ned Price also touched on the situation with two brothers who were detained on February 5 in Nizhny Novgorod and forcibly taken to Chechnya: 20-year-old Saleh Magamadov and 17-year-old Ismail Isayev. The latter are representatives of the Chechen LGBT community, and the authorities accuse them of aiding terrorism.

According to Price, Washington will continue to pay attention to such cases, “ whether in Russia or in other countries of the world-when human rights are threatened by regimes that oppose universal values and universal principles.”

“I expect that you will receive more information from us about the appropriate political response to this series of abuses and offenses that, as we have seen, originate from Moscow and occur on Russian territory,” the representative of the US State Department concluded.

Earlier, on February 9, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken warned on CNN that Washington would take action in connection with the prosecution of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny.

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