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Trump's lawyers in 3.5 hours outlined their position in the US Senate

The defense of former US President Donald Trump has completed a statement of its position in the US Senate, where the issue of removing the politician from power (impeachment) is being considered. The Republican's lawyers took only 3.5 hours. Previously, the prosecution used all the 16 hours allotted to it.

The impeachment hearings have been going on for the fourth day. Broadcast from the upper house of the legislature is conducted by American television channels. Trump is watching the process from his residence in Mar-a-Lago, Florida.

On Wednesday and Thursday, prosecutors spoke in the Senate, and on Friday, the defense. At the moment, senators have begun to ask questions of prosecutors and lawyers. Four hours are allotted for this stage.

Trump's impeachment proceedings were initiated due to the statements made by him on January 6. On that day, Republican supporters broke into the Capitol building. The charge is incitement to mutiny.

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