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European Parliament calls Belarusian nuclear power plant a threat to EU security

The Belarusian nuclear power plant poses a threat to the nuclear safety of the European Union. This decision was made by the European Parliament.

The official Brussels is convinced that the atomic facility close to the EU was erected in a hurry, the safety requirements and international standards were neglected.

They provide evidence: at the end of last year, transformers exploded at the station and the cooling system failed.

And this is from the Belarusian nuclear power plant, built for credit money from Russia, kilowatts are now being imported to Ukraine. Which is driving the industry into an even greater energy crisis and endangering our energy security.

European MPs are concerned about this.

The European Parliament is concerned about the location of the Ostrovets nuclear power plant 50 kilometers from Vilnius (Lithuania) and in proximity to other EU countries, in particular Poland, Latvia, and Estonia. The station is being implemented as a geopolitical project of Belarus and Russia, its construction and future activities are a source of a possible threat to the European Union and its member states in terms of safety, health, and environmental protection, the European Parliament said in a decision.

Let us remind you that a few days after the launch, the first nuclear power plant in Belarus stopped working. The government refused to name the official reason for the shutdown, however, according to media reports, this happened due to a breakdown of a voltage transformer.

In addition, during the opening of the nuclear power plant, Alexander Lukashenko said that this is a “historic moment” and his country “is becoming a nuclear power.”

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