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The US developing a vaccine against the deadly virus from China: details

The disease has already taken the lives of nine people.

In the United States, the National Institute of Public Health has begun developing a vaccine against dangerous coronavirus from China. This was reported by CNN.

According to scientists, it will take several months to work on the drug, and now they are making "only the first steps. At the moment, doctors are finding out how easily this virus can be transmitted from person to person.

It should be noted that in China the number of people who died from a new type of pneumonia has increased to nine.

"The number of victims has increased by three more people, to nine deaths. The number of detected infected people has increased to 440, and we are taking active preventive measures," said Li Bin, deputy head of the State Committee on Hygiene and Public Health of China.

The World Health Organisation is very worried. British experts believe that Chinese doctors are silent about the real number of those infected, and in fact, they may be about 1700.

The problem is compounded by the fact that hundreds of millions of people are now traveling to China from other Asian countries to celebrate Chinese New Year, which this year marks January 25. That's why the virus could spread very quickly throughout the East Asian region, physicians warn.

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