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Republicans will create a new “anti-Trump” party in the USA

Due to the blow that former US President Donald Trump inflicted on the image of the Republican Party, in particular by his support for the storming of the Capitol in January, its prominent members are set to create a new major political force.

Reported by Reuters.

Unidentified participants in these discussions have already confirmed that last week more than 120 top Republicans from the administrations of ex-presidents Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, George W. Bush, and Trump himself held a Zoom conference on this subject.

They discussed the creation of a new center-right political force based on the Republican Party and based on “principled conservatism”, as well as, in particular, adherence to the Constitution and the rule of law, which, according to participants, were rejected by Trump.

The main reason for the meeting was an attempt by Republicans to block the confirmation by Congress of Joe Biden's victory in the presidential election, as well as their unwillingness to vote to impeach Trump.

“A significant part of the Republican Party radicalizes and threatens American democracy. The party must reaffirm its commitment to truth, reason, and fundamental ideals, otherwise, we clearly need something new,” — said Evan McMullin, political director of the Republican Conference in the House of Representatives.

As its method of operation, the new party will not only nominate its representatives in elections, but also support center-right candidates from other parties — including Republicans, Independents, or even Democrats.

Recall that in January, the American media wrote that Trump discussed with his fellow party members the creation of a new Patriotic Party.

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