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China plans to launch an “artificial moon” into orbit

A private space contractor in Chengdu, People's Republic of China, recently shared its plans to launch an artificial moon that will be eight times brighter than the natural one, while it can replace the classic street lights.

The implementation of such an ambitious program is planned in the city of Chengdu, where fourteen million people live.

The main purpose of such a satellite is to complement the moon at night. It has been developed for more than one year, however, thanks to the rapid development of technology, the program is going to be ready for launch in two years. So far, there is no exact information about the details of the program, but some publications have reported that such a satellite will have a coating that reflects the sun's rays with the help of solar panels that resemble wings, they can be adjusted in order to focus light in a certain area.

Experts told that it is possible to control the brightness and service period of satellites. At the same time, the accuracy of lighting can be controlled with an error of several tens of meters.

So far, there is no data on whether the staff of the Chinese executive authorities will support such a program, but local officials have expressed interest, as the satellite will reduce the cost of street lighting, in addition, it will increase the flow of tourists.

Despite the fact that such an idea sounds very intriguing, it also raises a lot of questions.

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