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In the United States, the neo-Nazis prevented a terrorist attack...

A base is a group of neo-Nazis who act as a paramilitary organization. The group aims to prepare its members for acts of violence.

In the U.S., an ex-Canada Armed Forces reservist who was preparing a terrorist attack during a rally against weapons in Virginia, was also arrested two men of the racist group Baza, writes Associated Press.

Detained were 27-year-old Canadian Patrick Jordan Matthews, 33-year-old Brian Mark Lemley and 19-year-old William Garfield Bilbro of Denton, Maryland.

They were all members of the extremist-racist group Base.

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Baza is a group of neo-Nazis who operate as a paramilitary organization that has declared war on minorities in the United States and abroad.

Unlike other extremist groups, the Baza is not propaganda-oriented; instead, it seeks to bring together highly qualified members to prepare them for acts of violence.

Thousands of armed men came to the rally in the U.S., enhanced security measures were in place, but it went peacefully.

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