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The broadcast of the hearings on the impeachment upset Trump

Former US President Donald Trump was upset after watching a televised Senate impeachment hearing. It is reported by Politico, citing sources.

“Trump was unhappy with the work of his legal team,” said one of the newspaper's interlocutors. The former head of the White House was deeply disappointed at how dry and technical arguments of his lawyers contrasted with the emotional speech of prosecutors from the House of Representatives.

Trump was also upset that his leading lawyer, Bruce Castor, called the politician “a former president,” thereby acknowledging his defeat in the 2020 election. In addition, Trump and some of his supporters are annoyed by Castor's decision not to use video and graphics, as the former US president wanted.

On February 9, the Senate began a second impeachment trial against Trump. On January 14, the House of Representatives voted to impeach the former owner of the White House in connection with the riots in Washington. Democrats motivate the decision to impeach Trump, including the fact that after the process is over, he will no longer be able to run for president. This is the first time the US has attempted to remove a state leader from office after the end of his presidential term.

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