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US Senate reaches agreement on Trump's impeachment process

United States Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer announced an agreement that sets out the structure for the upcoming impeachment of Donald Trump, which will ensure a fair trial.

It is reported by the Voice of America.

Schumer noted that all parties (managers, the former president's lawyer, and Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell) agreed to the plan so that a fair and honest bipartisan Donald Trump impeachment process in the Senate could begin this week.

“The impeachment will establish the truth and accountability that are needed to ensure the necessary unity and healing in our country following the January 6 attack on our democracy that killed five people,” he said.

A new Senate resolution is expected to be passed early this week. If the majority votes in favor of the constitutionality of the proceedings, it will proceed in accordance with the provisions of the resolution:

Up to 4 pm on each side for presenting arguments starting from Wednesday, February 10 — each side must use their time no more than two days, and the duration of the daily speech must not exceed 8 hours;

After both sides have spoken, senators will have 4 hours for questions;

At the request of the impeachment managers, after the senators' questions, 4 hours will be allocated, equally divided, to hear the arguments of the Senate's consideration of the motion to summon witnesses and to provide documents;

Up to 4 hours, equally divided between the impeachment managers and the defense for the closing speech;

Upon completion of closing speeches and time for discussion by senators, the upper house of Congress will vote whether to impeach Donald Trump.

We will remind, earlier the Senate agreed to suspend the process of impeachment of former President Donald Trump from Friday evening to Saturday evening at the request of the lawyer of ex-President David Sean, who observes the Jewish Shabbat.

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