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Biden's foreign policy: no action yet

US President Joe Biden delivered his first foreign policy speech at the State Department. In it, he outlined the main points of the new administration's foreign policy. Unlike his predecessor Trump, he has spoken in favor of increased cooperation with US allies. But with regard to Moscow — and not only — warning notes sounded on its part. The press gives the speech a positive assessment but indicates that the specifics are still not enough.

And Kissinger couldn't have said it better

As the newspaper Lidove news notes, Joe Biden's keynote speech lets you breathe a sigh of relief:

“The concept of real politics is usually associated with such political dinosaurs as Henry Kissinger. Joe Biden's foreign policy vision also represents real politics in its purest form. And this is good news, especially against the backdrop of Donald Trump's policy — emotional and dictated more by instincts, which, of course, gave very interesting results in the Middle East, but at the same time instilled uncertainty in allies. This is good news both for US partners and for those who feared a kind of cultural revolution in the United States. For example, Biden's position on China, the main competitor of the United States, is imbued with the spirit of real politics. Despite Beijing's violent policies towards the Uyghurs and Hong Kong, Biden said: “We are ready to cooperate with Beijing — if it is in US interests.” And Kissinger couldn't have said it better. “

Long overdue amendments

The new president has chosen the right tone on at least two important issues, The Observer writes:

“Joe Biden and Secretary of State Anthony Blinken intend, among other things, to return to a two-state, two-people solution for Palestine and Israel. Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at all costs wanted to give up on this option. So it is possible that tensions will grow in [the US-Israel] relationship. It is not necessarily a bad thing if, as a result, the balance of Middle East politics is restored — and new perspectives emerge. In addition, Biden's harsh words about Vladimir Putin — “The United States will no longer stand idly by watching Russia's aggressive actions” — indicate a long-overdue course correction.“

A lot of my problems

If the EU hoped that under Biden the foreign policy partnership with the United States would grow again, then it will be disappointed, says wPolityce:

“First of all, Biden intends to deal with the problems of the United States. It is about restoring one's own potential, one's own chances, one's own power, and competitiveness. ... The allies must take on more responsibility — and this will be their new challenge. But not because the modus of the alliance has changed, but because the United States will simply not be able to assume responsibility for solving problems in so many regions of the world. In some cases, as, for example, in relation to Russia or the putsch in Myanmar, rhetoric is already covering up the lack of real measures.”

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