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Trump's lawyers call impeachment a “political spectacle”

Former US President Donald Trump's lawyers defending his interests in the impeachment case called on the Senate to justify the politician and called the process a “political spectacle.”

“The article of impeachment submitted by the House of Representatives is unconstitutional for a variety of reasons, each of which individually would be grounds for immediate rejection [of the charge],” the lawyers said.

According to defenders, this threatens democracy in the United States. In addition, lawyers believe that the Senate does not have the authority to judge the former head of state, who currently does not hold a political post.

On November 3, the United States held a presidential election, which was won by Democrat Joe Biden, but his predecessor, Republican Donald Trump, did not recognize the election results and challenged them in courts.

On January 6, supporters of the then-current US President Donald Trump stormed the congress building, interrupting a meeting at which parliament was supposed to approve the results of the last elections.

On January 13, the US House of Representatives voted to pass a resolution to impeach Trump, which will be considered by the Senate. The process will begin on February 8th. Later it was reported that the hearing could be postponed due to the Sabbath.

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