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In the US, another Trump decision was canceled

The United States has canceled agreements with El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras on cooperation in the provision of asylum under former President Donald Trump, and began procedures to terminate them. This was announced by Secretary of State Anthony Blinken.

The statement of the State Department notes that the United States intends to expand cooperation and interaction in the region, proposed by President Joe Biden.

The validity of these documents, which involved the consideration of asylum not in the United States, but in these countries, is suspended. Blinken stressed that the authorities of the mentioned countries were notified of this decision.

However, he explained that such actions do not mean that the US border will be open. “The United States is a country with borders and laws that must be followed,” he said.

Earlier, US President Joe Biden canceled another decision of his predecessor in this post, Donald Trump. The order concerns import duties on aluminum from the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The American head considered it necessary to maintain duties on the import of aluminum products from the UAE. He explained this decision in the interests of national security since products from an Arab country can displace domestic production.

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