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Biden's condition after a leg injury revealed

The recovery of US President Joe Biden, who broke his leg over two months ago while playing with a dog, is proceeding normally. This was stated by the doctor of the head of state Kevin O'Connor, Bloomberg reports.

The American leader visited a clinic in Delaware on Saturday, February 6, where he took a picture of his injured leg. “The president's condition has improved as expected, and he is adhering to a rigorous physiotherapy regimen. The president will be regularly x-rayed at the orthopedic clinic where he underwent an initial examination, ” the doctor said.

He explained that sprains can sometimes be more significant trauma than accompanying bone fractures. Imaging is needed to ensure that Biden has achieved good ligament stability.

On November 30, 2020, a politician was injured while playing with a dog named Major. Computed tomography confirmed two fractures of Biden's leg. He was diagnosed with filamentous fractures of the lateral and middle sphenoid bones of the foot. For several weeks, the politician will be forced to wear a special boot.

The president later revealed the details of playing with the dog, which led to the injury. So, he ran after Major, who caught the ball, in order to jokingly grab his tail, but the dog slipped on the wet floor, and Biden stumbled.

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