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Launched into space in 2012, the satellite collapsed in the Earth's atmosphere

The Indonesian telecommunications satellite Telkom-3, which was launched into orbit in 2012 by a Proton-M launch vehicle, entered the Earth's atmosphere and collapsed. This was stated by the air force of the United States.

It is noted that the satellite reached the atmosphere on February 5. Information about whether any fragments of the device reached the Earth's surface is not provided.

Telkom-3, weighing 1,900 kg, was sent into space together with the Russian Express-MD2 communication satellite in August 2012, thanks to the Proton-M rocket with the Briz-M upper stage. In the future, due to the “Breeze” accident, both satellites were put into an unaccounted-for orbit and recognized as lost by the owners.

In September last year, the US Air Force warned about the fall of a Russian satellite to the Ground.

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