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A vessel capable of completing Nord Stream 2 begins pipe-laying in Denmark

The Russian pipe-laying barge Fortuna, capable of completing the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, has begun laying pipes in Danish territorial waters. This was announced by the project operator Nord Stream 2 AG.

It is noted that the pipe-laying vessel has completed sea trials and resumed work on the gas pipeline.

On January 22, Fortuna returned to the completion zone near the Danish-German border and began preparations to resume work. It was noted that the barge was acting “in accordance with the agreements received.”

Earlier it was reported that the new US leadership intends to resolve the crisis around the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline and hinted at the possibility of partially lifting the sanctions.

It was reported that Washington is awaiting specific proposals from Germany. At the same time, maintaining transit through Ukraine and weakening Europe's dependence on Russian gas remains a priority for the new administration.

Before that, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said that the fate of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline would be decided in the coming weeks or months. He did not rule out that the project would be given up, although he admitted that after the change of power, the White House became more open to dialogue. Earlier, Gazprom was talking about the possibility of failure; nevertheless, the barge Fortuna resumed construction in Danish waters.

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