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Record high concentration of coronavirus found in wastewater in Estonia

Record high concentration of coronavirus found in wastewater in Estonia

Wastewater samples are taken in the republic on a weekly basis in all county centers and cities with a population of more than 10 thousand people.

The concentration of coronavirus in Estonian wastewater has increased sharply, which indicates an increase in the spread of the virus in the republic, according to the University of Tartu. This was announced on Friday, February 5, by the BNS agency.

“We can say that our samples have not yet indicated such a high virus content. From this, we can conclude that many new cases of the disease have been added practically all over Estonia in a week,” Professor of the University of Tartu Tanel Tenson told the agency.

According to him, a week ago there were about the same number of samples with a high content of the virus as there are now samples with an average and low content.

“Monitoring the content of coronavirus in wastewater reveals hidden foci of infection since the virus appears in the sewer two weeks before the detection of clinical cases. Wastewater monitoring is a good method of tracking the progress of the virus outbreak,” says Tenson.

It is specified that scientists at the University of Tartu are using this method to monitor the situation with the spread of the virus. Wastewater samples are taken weekly all over Estonia and analyzed in the institute's laboratories.

We will remind you, since February 1, the country has increased security measures. So for catering establishments introduced a “curfew” — they should close at 21.00. For entertainment establishments, baths, spas, and pools, restrictions on the number of visitors have been introduced. Interest classes: singing, dancing, wrestling, playing wind instruments are prohibited.

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